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Axon Sports is the leading provider of cognitive assessment and training tools to professional, collegiate and elite amateur athletes. Through customized programs athletes can assess and improve their skills leveraging six key cognitive domains: pattern recognition, anticipation/reaction, decision making, focus, imagination and emotional regulation. Learn more at

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Mark Cuban Invests in Cognitive Training Leader Axon Sports

Axon Sports, the leading provider of cognitive training and assessment tools to athletes at the pro, college, and high school levels, recently cl...

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The Mental Benefits of Manny Pacquiao's Intense Training Routine

Across several sports, many pro athletes have developed intense routines in their training. One such example of an extreme trainer is Manny Pa...

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The Athletic Brain: How to Learn to Anticipate

It's not difficult to see how Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to the second highest offensive efficiency in the NBA, trailing only the...

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