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Watch Myles Garrett Barbell Row 315 Pounds Like It's Nothing

Your jaw can't help but drop when you watch Myles Garrett navigate a weight room. While the rest of us are relegated to sliding on an extra 5- or 1...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Create a Back Workout That Actually Works

Back workouts are an essential component of a complete training program that develops strong, powerful and resilient athletes. The back includes some ...

By: Andy Haley

4 Ways to Add Rowing Exercises to Your Workouts

Much like presses are important to help you develop your chest, rows are essential back exercises that can help you maximize your development as an...

By: Roger Lockridge

Ask the Experts: Why Do Back Exercises Work My Biceps More Than My Back?

Q: Back exercises seem to work my biceps more than my back. How can I fix this? A: If you feel a burn in your biceps during a back exercise, yo...

By: Andy Haley

3-Day Workout to Build Chest Mass and Strength

The chest is one of the favorite muscles of the upper body for athletes to train. Who doesn't want a bigger chest? But chest muscles have a more imp...

By: Chris Hitchko