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Learn Basketball Layups, Part 6: The Backhand Reverse Layup

Ok folks, here it is. The last of the basic layups in our series on Mastering Basketball Layups before you move on to the advanced finishing moves...

By: Mike Meister

Learn Basketball Layups, Part 3: The Power Layup

Ok folks, we're moving along here in our series on how to master basketball layups. By now you should have seen our step-by-step guides to the Ov...

By: Mike Meister

Learn Basketball Layups, Part 1: The Overhand Layup

In basketball, the layup is the highest percentage shot in the game. Every player should master the move. But many athletes know how to correctly ex...

By: Mike Meister

Watch Jordan Clarkson Execute a Sick Reverse Layup Against the Celtics

We've been telling you not to sleep on Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson for a long time, and plays like this are the reason why. Driv...

By: Jordan Zirm

Enes Kanter Attempted the Worst Full-Court Shot in NBA History

Far be it from us to judge an NBA player's shot, especially a throw-away, halfcourt or full-court heave at the end of a quarter or half, but we ju...

By: Jordan Zirm