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Exercises to Prepare Your Muscles for Winter Sports

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Wii Fit

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Improve Explosive Upper-Body Power and Balance with this Exercise

Club Med Academies Performance Specialist Sara Gauvreau shows you how to improve your balance and upper-body power with one exercise.

9 BOSU Ball Exercise Variations

Moves you can do on, or with, a BOSU will challenge every part of your body. The added instability is the primary reason why you should use a BOSU.

Rapid Cuts and Explosive Change of Direction for Soccer in the adiPure Trainer

Athletes' Performance founder and owner Mark Verstegen discusses the Six-Way Hip exercise and explains how soccer players will benefit by performing the drill in the adiPure Trainer.

Field Hockey Dumbbell Reverse Lunge With Twist

In this field hockey training video, Tim Robertson of Speed Strength Systems explains how to perform the Dumbbell Reverse Lunge With Twist and reveals why this exercise increases shooting power.

Women's Lacrosse Single-Arm, Single-Leg Cable Row

Tim Robertson, Speed Strength Systems owner, explains how to perform the Single-Arm, Single-Leg Cable Row and how it improves overall strength and stability for women's lacrosse.