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WATCH: 300-Pound Bartolo Colon Is Crushing Winter Workouts, Moving Like a Beautiful Gazelle

I'm not going to mince words here—Bartolo Colon wasn't in the best of shape. I know it, you know it and Colon knows it. That's why the 17-ye...

By: Brandon Hall

Increase Your Pitching Velocity With These 3 Exercises

Often when athletes are trying to throw harder, they leave out a key component to getting stronger. Everyone knows a pitcher should be squatting to...

By: Corey Davis

Medicine Ball Exercises for Youth Athletes

Medicine ball exercises are great tools for improving force production and reinforce stability within specific planes of movement. In order to get the...

By: Miguel Aragoncillo

How Dustin Pedroia Develops Home Run Power

Dustin Pedroia routinely drives the ball to all parts of the field for extra bases. After Pedroia belted his 100th career home run versus the Oaklan...

By: Zac Clark

Simple and Effective In-Season Baseball Workout

Baseball has unique schedule demands unlike any other sport making In-Season baseball workouts difficult. Additionally the shoulder joint has the...

By: Stephen Gamma