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The 5 Most Painful Spots to Be Hit by a Pitch

Baseball may not be the most physical sport in terms of contact, but few things in sports are more painful than being struck by a 95-mph fastball. ...

By: Zac Clark

Is flexibility important for a catcher, and how can you improve it?

Once you catch three or four days in a row, your hips get very tight. It feels almost like a ball or rock is in there. So it's key to be able to get t...

By: STACK Staff

Establishing a Game Day Routine

Most professional athletes have their own ways of getting things done before taking the field or court. Here, three vets share elements of their routi...

By: Matt Siracusa

Cal Ripken's Early Days

Although his Major League debut did not come until the summer of 1981, Cal Ripken, Jr. started his career at Memorial Stadium way before that. A...

By: Josh Staph

How the Players Play (MLB All-Star Edition): Chris Perez

Cleveland Indians closing pitcher Chris Perez stopped by the PlayStation Experience truck at the MLB All-Star FanFest event in Kansas City on July 9. ...

By: Zac Clark