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Why Weak Feet and Ankles Can Ruin Your Strength and Speed (And How to Fix Them)

Let's face it: You never train your feet or ankles. That's not necessarily your fault, since the vast majority of training programs don't include foot...

By: Andy Haley

Proprioception: Definition, Exercises for Improving and More

It's easy to take your body for granted. Without even thinking, you can move your limbs and balance on two feet. Or more impressively, you can sprin...

By: Andy Haley

'Lifting Socks' Are a Thing, and They're Way Better Than Shoes

I've always had a mixed reaction to working out in socks. The benefits are clear. When you're barefoot, you no longer have elevated heels, which ca...

By: Andy Haley

7 Ways Fitness Will Change in 2016

The way you train in 2016 may look completely different from in the past. Based on new research and other developments, the strength and conditioning ...

By: Andy Haley

The Importance of Foot and Ankle Workouts

Foot and ankle training is perhaps the most neglected and underrated aspect of sports performance. In fact, for most athletic movements, activation...

By: Joel Seedman

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adidas adiPure Trainer Launch Event

At the launch of the adidas adiPure Trainer, Athletes' Performance founder Mark Verstegen, U.S. Women's Soccer veteran Heather O'Reilly and NFL wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan discussed the benefits of the shoe.