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Puma Fass 500 S Running Shoe Offers a Cushy Minimal Ride

A new fall offering in Puma's popular Faas series: the 500 S running shoe. With a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, the 500 S makes it into the minimalist cat...

By: STACK Staff

An Athlete's Guide to Buying Shoes

Perhaps Nelly said it best in his song Air Force Ones: "I said give me two pairs 'cause I need two pairs." Like Nelly, athletes can't have just ...

By: Skyword

What Athletes Need to Know About Barefoot Running

It looks like the barefoot running craze is here to stay. Carving out a niche in pop culture, minimalist running has won the hearts and minds of r...

By: SkywordNews

Lace Up the New Balance Minimus 1010 Trail for a Barefoot Running Experience

As the barefoot running phenomenon continues to gain momentum, running shoe companies are faced with a simple choice: adapt or die. Adapting to the ...

By: Niki Gruttadauria

Choose the Best Barefoot Running Shoes for You

Whether you're a novice runner or an elite marathoner, choosing the right pair of shoes will keep you training optimally and help you reach your f...

By: Danny Vasquez