Pitching Drills and Workouts

Get baseball pitching drills and pitcher-specific workouts from pro players and coaches. The pitching drills in these videos and articles will help you throw harder and more accurately. Learn more about how to condition yourself as a baseball pitcher and discover new ways to train and useful pieces of advice that can help turn you into a top-flight starter in no time.

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Softball Superstar Jennie Finch Explains How to Throw a Rise Ball

Two-time Olympic medalist Jennie Finch says that to keep batters off-guard at the highest level, a softball pitcher needs to be able to throw ever...

By: STACK Staff

Why Tommy John Surgery Is Ruining Pitchers

No single medical procedure has had more impact on a sport than Tommy John surgery on baseball. Thirty-seven years after the first procedure to re...

By: Dr. Rocco Monto

Indians Pitching Coach Mickey Callaway Preaches Mind Control Over Mechanics With His Pitching Staff

Cleveland Indians pitching coach Mickey Callaway steps into the dugout at Progressive Field, then heads down a tunnel. He's been observing batting...

By: Jordan Zirm

Train Like a Pro: Baseball Strength Workout Program

Baseball season is long and grueling. You need the strength and power to hit and throw hard, but most importantly you need to stay healthy. That's...

By: Andy Haley

Get Faster to Pitch Harder

When I was in college I was told as many others were as well, to run distances for leg strength. Now many pitching coaches will say that running...

By: Bill Bethea