Pitching Drills and Workouts

Get baseball pitching drills and pitcher-specific workouts from pro players and coaches. The pitching drills in these videos and articles will help you throw harder and more accurately. Learn more about how to condition yourself as a baseball pitcher and discover new ways to train and useful pieces of advice that can help turn you into a top-flight starter in no time.

Latest in Pitching Drills and Workouts

4 Exercises Pitchers Need to Do After Every Start

It is common for a pitcher to perform a post-throwing routine after pitching in a game. These post-throwing routines are usually prescribed by the coach...

By: Austin Womack

The Reason Why Many Softball Pitchers Never Get Better

In my 13 years of coaching pitchers, I always have a few softball pitchers that just don't seem to be improving. After a short discussion with the child...

By: Courtney Hudson

WATCH: Top High School Pitching Prospect Hits 102 MPH, Puts Aroldis Chapman on Notice

When an MLB pitcher throws 100 mph, it's typically followed by gasps and applause from the crowd. Few guys can do this consistently, except for Aroldi...

By: Andy Haley

Try Isolation Training for Increasing Pitching Velocity

Both the large pectoral and lat muscles play a huge role in the arm acceleration phase of the pitching motion (1). A study on high-level pitchers showed...

By: Ben Brewster

Pre-Season Baseball Throwing Program for a Healthy and Durable Arm

It is no longer a secret that youth sports injuries are an epidemic on the rise, and injuries related to baseball throwing and pitching are at the...

By: Gabe Lazzaro

Latest Videos in Pitching Drills and Workouts

Daniel Murphy’s Pre-Workout Scap and Core Routine

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs a core and scapula warm-up to restore mobility and prepare for his workout.

Daniel Murphy’s Routine for Hitting and Throwing Power

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs two landmine exercises that increase rotational power, a critical skill needed for powerful swings and throws.

MLB Second Baseman Daniel Murphy’s Off-Season Training

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs an off-season workout under the guidance of Jerrian Sander, founder of SET Performance, designed to improve hitting and throwing power while improving durability for the long season.

Daniel Murphy’s Chest and Back Superset

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs a Stability Ball Push-Up and Face Pull superset. These two exercises improve strength and stability in the shoulders and core, which help to prevent injury and increase power when hitting and throwing.

Daniel Murphy’s Upper-Body Baseball Strength Circuit

MLB second baseman Daniel Murphy performs three upper-body exercises that strengthen his chest and upper back.