Basketball Drills

Ball handling, footwork, rebounding and shooting are all keys to being a better basketball player. Basketball drills to work on these fundamental skill sets can make anyone more productive on the court, and STACK's deep library of skills content is loaded with techniques to finely tune your game.

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Brooklyn Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Puts On Bizarre Skills Clinic

So let's pretend you're a billionaire owner of a basketball franchise looking to prove you're just one of the guys. How do you do it? Brooklyn Net...

By: Maddy Lucier

Improve Basketball Offense with Yale's Rim Running Drill

Rim running is a key component of an efficient transition offense. With a post player sprinting down the middle of the floor, it unlocks a multitude of...

By: Justin Simon

Fun Basketball Drills That Improve Court Skills

It is important for basketball players to train hard and practice their skills to improve athletic performance; but practice can still be enjoyable for...

By: Andrew Meyers

Try These 3 Defensive Drills from Jeremy Lin

Since "Linsanity" struck several years ago when NBA point guard Jeremy Lin was with the New York Knicks, Lin has been on a bit of a roller coaster...

By: Maddy Lucier

Basketball Tryouts: What to Expect and Drills to Help you Prepare

Nerves before a basketball tryout are completely normal. Typically, some of those nerves stem from a fear of the unknown. When you don't know what's...

By: Brandon Hall

Latest Videos in Basketball Drills

Michael Carter-Williams Performs Single-Leg Jump Shots to Improve Balance

During the NBA off-season Michael Carter-Williams works on his shot balance and stability with Single-Leg Jump Shots. The Milwaukee Bucks point guard takes two hops on one leg before following through with a jump shot.

Reverse Pivot Progression Drill with Michael Carter-Williams

NBA point guard Michael Carter-Williams uses the Reverse Pivot Progression Drill in the off-season to improve his on-court skills.

Kevin Love's Cone Hop Basketball Shooting Drill

Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Phil Handy explains how the Cone Hop shooting drill helps players learn to set their feet in traffic. Kevin Love demonstrates.

Basketball Shooting Drill: Kevin Love's Turn-and-Shoot Drill

Here's a drill that will teach you to shoot more accurately on the move, demonstrated by Kevin Love and explained by Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Phil Handy.

Basketball Shooting Drill With Kevin Love: 5 Spots, 5 Shots

Kevin Love and Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Phil Handy demonstrate a simple basketball shooting drill any athlete can do to improve their accuracy.