Basketball Issue 2016

Get a leg up on the competition this basketball season with workout, nutrition and gear advice from the NBA's best players, including Karl-Anthony Towns, J.R. Smith and Paul George.

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Basketball Blowout Issue 2016: Table of Contents

Karl-Anthony Towns' Beastly Off-Season Workout The 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year isn't resting on his laurels. Towns spent the off-season grinding ...

How to Eat Well Anywhere (Even at School!)

School cafeterias are loaded with unhealthy options that can slow you down. And if you think opting for the vending machine is a better bet, t...

EXCLUSIVE: Karl-Anthony Towns' Beastly Off-Season Workout

In many ways, 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns is like the kid he was two years ago when he was a high schooler. Only now he has money, ...

5 Ways to Avoid Blowing Your Scholarship and Ruining Your Life on Social Media

Here are two facts you need to remember at all times: First, tweets live forever and can be seen by everyone in the world. The same is true for ...

5 Basketball Dribbling Techniques That Give You Untouchable Handles

This is an excerpt from Basketball Essentials (Human Kinetics, 2016), written by world-renowned basketball skill development coach and clinician Ryan ...

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Real Workouts: NBA Star Jimmy Butler

Get the full workout of NBA Star Jimmy Butler as he prepares for the season.

Real Workouts: Karl-Anthony Towns

Follow along during a full training session with Karl-Anthony Towns.

How Karl-Anthony Towns Faces the Challenge of Training as a 7-Footer

Karl-Anthony Towns is a big man. At 7 feet tall, he faces training challenges that average people can't understand. Find out what it's like for him on a daily basis and what he does to overcome those challenges.

Why Karl-Anthony Towns Loves STACK

From a young age, Karl-Anthony Towns has turned to STACK for performance and nutrition guidance. Listen to his words about what he likes about STACK.

The Bodyweight Exercise that Makes Karl-Anthony Towns Faster on the Court

Get a look at the method of strength training Karl-Anthony Towns uses to work on his speed in the off-season.