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Can This 53-Year-Old Detroit Man Really Hit a 266-Mph Fastball?

Stanley Anderson, a 53-year-old head of security at C. J. Barrymore's, an amusement and theme park outside Detroit, says he can hit a baseball movin...

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Tee Drill Fundamentals With LSU Baseball

LSU Baseball hitting coach Javi Sanchez explains the fundamentals behind using a tee to help improve your batting technique.

Gordon Beckham on His Mental Approach to Batting

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, credits his success in the big leagues to a solid mental approach at the plate.

South Alabama Baseball Top Drop Drill

Assistant coach Alan Luckie of the South Alabama baseball team discusses how to perform the Top Drop Batting Drill with the Reebok Vector O Bat.

South Alabama Baseball Happy Gilmore Batting Drill

Using the Reebok Vector O Bat, the South Alabama baseball team performs the Happy Gilmore Batting Drill to focus on using their lower body to increase their swing power, with coaching by assistant baseball coach Alan Luckie.

Tim Beckham Resisted Swings

Tampa Bay Rays top prospect Tim Beckham uses Resisted Swings to improve hitting power and rotational explosiveness with instruction from Tripp Smith of Competitive Edge Sports.