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'Battlefield Hardline' Release Date Gets Pushed Back

Electronic Arts announced plans to push Battlefield Hardline back to early 2015. The game was originally slated to hit shelves this October. Th...

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Gaming Update: 'Battlefield 4,' 'Zelda,' DualShock 4, 'Escape Dead Island'

Battlefield 4 DLC Dragon's Teeth Coming Electronic Arts got ahead of themselves last week and leaked the release date for Battlefield 4's "Drago...

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Gaming Update: 'Last of Us', 'Battlefield 4', 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'

In this week's gaming update, Naughty Dog released a teaser to an upcoming DLC for Last of Us, DICE and EA attempted to remedy some of Battlefield 4's...

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Gaming Update: 'CoD: Ghosts', 'Fallout 4', 'Battlefield 4', 'Fable Anniversary'

Last week, Call of Duty offered up a new skin for man's best sidekick, Fallout 4 rumors were somewhat confirmed, Battlefield 4 patches were releas...

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Gaming Update: 'GT6,' 'Battlefield 4,' 'Assassin's Creed 4'

Last week, Sony addressed concerns about microtransactions in GT6, EA reaffirmed its resolve to fix Battlefield 4, and the release date for AC4's ...

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