Ben Watson

NFL tight end Ben Watson has been a difference-maker for the Cleveland Browns and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. Learn more about how Watson builds muscle to prepare for the pounding of an NFL season, as well as what motivates him to succeed.

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Try Ben Watson's Football-Specific Exercises to Build Upper-Body Strength

Cleveland Browns tight end Ben Watson never has a dull day in the weight room. That's because Tim Slominsky, general  manager of Euphoria Fitness...

By: Joe Baur

Exclusive Video: Ben Watson's College Recruiting Experience Required a Back-Up Plan

After watching Cleveland Browns TE Ben Watson's power- and endurance-focused circuit training, we have no doubt he's one of the hardest workers in...

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Path to the Pros: Cleveland Browns TE Ben Watson

Cleveland Browns TE Ben Watson learned the hard way that, in the world of athletic recruiting, student-athletes should always have a plan B (and C...

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Ben Watson's Unique Circuit Workout Builds Power and Endurance

Cleveland Browns tight end Ben Watson is an absolute beast. Last week, we were lucky to see the man in action with his off-season trainer, Tim Slo...

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Upper-Body Football Strength With Ben Watson

NFL TE Ben Watson uses a circuit of weight room exercises to strengthen his back, which increases his ability to catch and hold onto the football.

Ben Watson's Power-Building Chest Workout

Using a circuit of unique exercises, Super Bowl Champion TE Ben Watson increases strength, power and stability with a mixture of dumbbells, resistance bands and kettlebells.

Explosive Training With Ben Watson's Lower-Body Circuit

NFL TE Ben Watson develops strength, endurance and explosiveness with a Lower-Body Circuit that combines weights with plyometrics.

Ben Watson Lower-Body Resistance Band Circuit

The Lower-Body Resistance Band Circuit performed by NFL TE Ben Watson improves his ability to be explosive all game long.

Ben Watson Resistance Band Shoulder Movement

NFL TE Ben Watson performs a Resistance Band Shoulder Movement to develop upper-body strength so he can pull down passes over the defense.