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4 Ways to Build Cycling Power

Winter season is coming up, and so many of us will be forced to stow our bicycles in the garage. But that does not mean that the next few months should...

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WATCH: Angry Ostrich Won't Stop Chasing Two Cyclists

Man, I feel like I'm playing a video game. Every time I watch this video—and I've watched it several times (and will surely watch it more before t...

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Tips for Buying Your First Set of Bicycle Racing Wheels

The cyclist's journey can be charted through the evolution of his equipment. As a child, your trusty steed was the big wheel. From there, you...

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This Boxing Workout Will Get You in Shape for Your Sport

There have been many advances in fitness and sports that allow athletes to improve their conditioning but sometimes going "old school" is what it takes...

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Burn Fat With a 15-Minute HIIT Workout

High Intensity Interval Training is a cardiovascular training style that serves many purposes. An HIIT cardio workout isn't as time consuming as steady...

By: Roger Lockridge