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Calf Exercises That Work

Building strong calves are essential to performing in virtually all athletic endeavors.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many gym-goers tend to...

By: Justin Groce

Ankle Talk: Rehabbing an Eversion Ankle Sprain

An eversion ankle sprain can happen when your ankle rolls too far outward. It causes swelling, bruising and pain on the inside of the ankle. In s...

By: Chris Costa

What Is Turf Toe?

Turf toe. It may sound like nothing, but it can sideline even the strongest and toughest athlete for an entire season. I had the opportunity to speak ...

By: Steve Green

Improve Your First-Step Quickness

Here's a series of drills that I've found effective for helping athletes get to the rim on a regular basis. Incorporate them into a warm-up or pre-gam...

By: STACK Staff

Changing Direction with Santa Clara Soccer

  By Scott Mackar You're heading down pitch with the ball, but your feet are moving as fast as the mascot statue in front of your school. You've ...

By: STACK Staff