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Build Lean Muscle with the Cleveland Cavs' Post-Workout Recovery Shake

The NBA season is an absolute grind. When you play 7 or 8 pre-season games, 82 regular season games, and between 12 and 28 playoff games, rest is ...

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Start Your New Year With These Holiday-Inspired Smoothies

The temperature may be dropping, but smoothie season is year-round. Why not be merry and bright with these holiday-inspired smoothies? They are perfect...

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Fuel Your Next Run With This Homemade Energy Bar

Athletes need to perform at their best, and to do that they need to fuel their bodies. Energy bars are a great pre or post run snack to boost your run...

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5 Basketball Pre-Game Snacks for Full-Game Energy

5 Options for Basketball Energy In all of my years around the basketball court the one thing that boggles my mind is how poorly basketball players fuel...

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6 Simple Power Recipes for Vegetarian Athletes

Thinkstock Oatmeal goji-berry balls and lentil burgers might sound exotic and complicated, but prepping these dishes can be just as easy as those ...

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