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Improve Your Athleticism With 4 Sled Pull Drills

There are various ways to enhance the benefits of an exercise and in this instance, this Phase 1 sled pull variations, through the "extension of the...

Add These Upper-Body Exercises to Your Hockey Strength Training Program

A lot of hockey players are really strong in their lower half. Years of skating will help produce those kinds of changes. But what about the upper body?...

Kevin Love to Be Featured in ESPN's 'Body Issue.' Here's How He Transformed His Physique

"I can't believe I'm doing this," says Kevin Love in the preview video for the upcoming ESPN Magazine "Body Issue." The Cleveland Cavaliers forwar...

Speed Drill of the Day: Reverse Lunges

Often, a small change can make a big difference in the effectiveness of an exercise. If you're someone who's looking to increase speed and lower-b...

Speed Drill of the Day: Weighted Arm Swings

In many people's minds, upper-body exercises won't build speed. To them, a strong and flexible lower body are all you need to run faster. However,...

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Georgia Tech Men’s Swimming Training Philosophy

Jason Benguche, Georgia Tech assistant player development coach, talks about how he prepares his team outside of the pool.

Shawn Porter Jab to Head, Jab to Body

Shawn Porter, professional middleweight boxer, performs the Jab to Head, Jab to Body drill with coaching by his father Ken Porter.