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An Inside Look at the Unique Workout Anthony Rizzo's Been Using for the Past 10 Years

Anthony Rizzo is the rock of the Chicago Cubs franchise. The 27-year-old first baseman has played in at least 140 games for the Cubs in each of the...

By: Brandon Hall

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BODYARMOR Sports Drink: Obsession Is Natural, Created by Kobe Bryant

OBSESSION IS NATURAL, created by Kobe Bryant, featuring: James Harden, Mike Trout, Richard Sherman, Anthony Rizzo, Skylar Diggins, Andrew Luck, Dustin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and Kristaps Porzingis.

James Harden on Becoming a Franchise Player

James Harden sat down with STACK to discuss the work he put in to become the Houston Rockets' franchise player.

James Harden Core Circuit

Watch James Harden perform a Core Circuit that gives him an explosive edge on the court.

James Harden Slideboard Circuit

Watch James Harden perform a Slideboard Circuit to strengthen his legs for a grueling 82-game NBA season.

James Harden Hip Circuit

Watch James Harden perform a Hip Circuit, loosening his hips so he can move more freely on the court.