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How to Increase Wrist Strength for Power and Peak Performance

HEADER VIDEO FOR ARTICLE: How to Increase Wrist Strength You are only as strong as your weakest link, and for many people, that...

8 Health Benefits of Strength Training for the Average Joe

I had a friend ask me this past Sunday "So Ben, what is it, man? Is it 70/30 for diet/exercise? Is it just strength training? Is it all nutrition? What...

Scaphoid Fractures: How They Happen, Signs You Have One, and How To Treat It

The scaphoid bone is one of eight carpal bones in the wrist. It is situated on the thumb side of the hand and wrist connecting the two rows of carpal ...

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Bob Seebohar on the Importance of Calcium

U.S. Olympic sport dietitian Bob Seebohar explains the benefits of calcium for athletes.