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Show Winter Who's Boss With These Timberland Boots

Let's be real: Cold weather sucks. Snow sucks. Those snow-ice-water slurries you see at every curb during the winter? Those really suck—especially w...

By: Brian Sabin

WATCH: Guy With No Marathon Experience Completes a 50-Mile Race While Wearing Jean Shorts and Drinking Beer

Getting your body in shape to run a marathon takes a lot of work. Normally, an average Joe wouldn't wake up and say, "hey, I think I'm going to run ...

By: Rob Scott

Cam Newton Had More Fun Than Anyone at Super Bowl Media Day

No one is having as much fun as Cam Newton. That's been the case throughout the 2015 NFL season, in which the Atlanta native passed, ran and dabbed ...

By: Jordan Zirm

Get Bigger Arms With This Intense Upper-Body Circuit

Ready for a high intensity upper body workout? Just this morning my trainer John Papp and I were thrown a curve ball. We wanted to join in our adult...

By: Ben Boudro

Carli Lloyd's New 'Leave Your Legacy' Superfly Cleats are Hot Fire

Carli Lloyd dominated soccer in 2015. The 33-year-old midfielder scored 18 goals for the USWNT, three of which came in the first 16 minutes of th...

By: Brandon Hall

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Alejandro Moreno and His Game Day Shoes

Columbus Crew Forward, Alejandro Moreno, talks about how his game day shoes are different from his every day cleats