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'Borderlands 3' Announced Specifically For Next Gen

The buzz is getting loud for Borderlands 3, which as yet has no official release date. Very little is known about the next installment of the popular ...

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WATCH: Gearbox's Newest Shooter, 'Battleborn'

Gearbox has announced plans to release Battleborn, a multiplayer shooter for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out the debut trailer below. ...

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Gaming Update: 'Borderlands 2', 'Mass Effect 4', 'Hellraid', 'Watch Dogs'

This week brought more information on the PS Vita Borderlands 2 multiplayer mode, BioWare's Mass Effect 4 plans, Hellraid's console upgrade and Wa...

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'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel' Announced

We won't be getting Borderlands 3 just yet. Instead, 2K Australia is working with Gearbox to create Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a title that falls ...

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Gaming Update: 'Tomb Raider,' 'AC4,' 'Borderlands 2,' 'GTA V'

Last week, a leak fueled rumors that Tomb Raider could leap to next-gen consoles, a PS3 listing hinted at a new Blackbeard-centered DLC coming to ...

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