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Isaiah Thomas Might Be as Good With His Right Hand as He Is With His Left

Isaiah Thomas has two defining characteristics: He stands just 5-foot-9 and he's left-handed. The Boston Celtics point guard, who was famously selecte...

By: Jordan Zirm

Watch 5-Foot-9 Isaiah Thomas Throw Down a Ferocious Windmill Dunk

As long as he's been in the NBA, it's hard to recall an instance of Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas throwing down an in-game dunk. This is la...

By: Jordan Zirm

6 Times When Larry Bird Demonstrated He Was the Most Savage NBA Player of All Time

Larry Bird is nicknamed Larry Legend for a reason: He did legendary things on the basketball court. And yet in the time since he retired in 1993, many...

By: Jordan Zirm

Boston Celtics Guard Avery Bradley Is a Secret Beast on the Boards

When NBA fans think of a team's leading rebounder, they picture the team's big man or someone around seven-foot. But that's not the case for the Bosto...

By: Rob Scott

Video Shows Marcus Smart Might be the Worst Flopper in NBA History

Flopping in the NBA has become too common. Though no one respects flopping—it shows zero toughness—players still do it. They would rather look lik...

By: Rob Scott

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