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How NFL Athletes Get Explosive With Plyometric Training

In nearly every professional sport, the ability to accelerate explosively and jump are critical skills towards the path of success. Whether you are a...

By: STACK Staff

8 Challenging Burpee Variations to Amp Up Your Workout Intensity

Do you want a challenge at the end of your workout? These eight burpee varations will add a metabolic boost to your system for more fat burning results....

By: Keith Tesch

WATCH: Pro Bodybuilder Outjumps NFL Prospect

Athletes are known for their speed, power and overall athleticism. Bodybuilders are known for their huge muscles and ability to lift gargantuan ...

By: Andy Haley

Develop Explosive Power With 3 Broad Jump Variations

Become a more explosive and powerful athlete with these three advanced broad jump variations. Cannonball Chasers For this variation you will need a...

By: Joseph Potts

TD1 Minute: Standing Broad Jump

Kurt Hester, D1 Sports Training National Training Director and one of the driving forces behind The Dominant One Challenge, will be joining us pe...

By: Kurt Hester