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How to Treat the 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

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NHL Player Gets Gashed by Skate, Returns to Action

Injuries go hand in hand with hockey. Missing teeth are common, as are cuts and bruises from collisions and fights. However, Philadelphia Flyers forwa...

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The 2013 Guide to Under Armour Football Gear Available at Dick's Sporting Goods

Two-a-days are around the corner, so make sure you hit the field in gear that lets you look and play your best. Under Armour's latest cleats will ...

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5 MMA Exercises to Dominate the Octagon

MMA training is often characterized by intense full-body workouts that have demands similar to a fight. This is true to an extent, but you can't s...

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How to Prevent Common Basketball Injuries

Injuries can happen to any athlete. They prevent you from enjoying the sport you love, decrease your performance level and sometimes end your career...

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