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Which NFL Player Has Clocked the Fastest Speed So Far in 2016? The Answer Might Surprise You

Half of the 2016 NFL regular season is officially in the books, and many media outlets have released their mid-season awards. We're not in the bus...

By: Brandon Hall

How Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander Dropped 71 Pounds and Became the NFL's Sack Leader

When you think of dominating defensive players who could be leading the NFL in sacks halfway through the season, you might think of the Texans' J.J. W...

By: Rob Scott

Athletic Freak Frank Clark is Quickly Becoming The Seahawks Latest Defensive Beast

You've seen the box scores. Now, it's time to go deeper. With NFL.com's Next Gen stats, fans can see the game in a whole new way. Zebra Technologi...

By: Brandon Hall

Bills Receiver Marquise Goodwin Hit 22.25 Mph When Burning Darrelle Revis on an 84-Yard TD Reception

The Buffalo Bills lost 37-31 to the New York Jets on Thursday night. But the loss can't be blamed on the Bills' speedy receiver Marquise Goodwin, who ...

By: Rob Scott

Does an NFL Quarterback's Pre-Season Success Translate to the Regular Season?

Most NFL coaches and starting players dislike pre-season games. They see them only as a chance to get injured prior to the regular season when the g...

By: Rob Scott