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This EMOM Workout Will Challenge Your Strength and Endurance

Developing a strong resiliant body should be the basis of every training program. For atheltes, resiliancy is arguably the most important attribute one...

By: Erick Avila

Steal This Strength-Building Workout from the Soviet Special Forces

Need to get strong in a hurry? This method, developed for the Spetsnaz, the special forces group in the former Soviet Union—still active in prese...

By: Andy Haley

Build Massive Muscle With This 28-Rep Burnout

bicep workout for mass 28's; 7 better than 21's We've all heard of 21's with Bicep Curls, let me introduce to you 28's; 7 better than 21's. I teach at a...

By: Chris Hitchko

The Push-Up Variations You Should Never, Ever Do

To show you what not to do, each week STACK brings you a moment from the weight room or sports field gone horribly wrong. Over the last 10 years,...

By: Dustin Brady

How to Build Muscle: A Game of Angles

I love the show 'Game of Thrones' so I thought it fitting when my Coach, John Meadows sent me a program that had a subsection titled a 'Game of Angles'....

By: Kyle Newell