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Check Out the World's Strongest Man's 7-Meal, 12,000-Calorie Per Day Diet

American strongman Brian Shaw is a giant. The 4-time World's Strongest Man champion stands 6-foot-8 and weighs 420 pounds. But for Shaw to stay that...

By: Rob Scott

How to Cycle Calories to Shed Fat and Improve Your Workouts

Although it is essential for fat loss, restricting your calories for an extended period of time can have negative consequences in your body. For...

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A Fat-Loss Workout Strategy for Athletes That Actually Works

In most sports, the leaner, more powerful athletes enjoy an unfair advantage. With the Olympics going on now you can see this is evident in many of the...

By: Beau Bradbury

WATCH: J.J. Watt Ate a Raw Egg on 'The Tonight Show' Like It's Nothing

J.J. Watt is built like a fire truck, hunts quarterbacks for sport and consumes anywhere between 6,000-9,000 calories per day. This has led some in th...

By: Jordan Zirm

Is The FDA's New Nutrition Label Any Good? Expert Nutritionists Weigh In

The nutrition label will never be the same again. According to a recent FDA announcement, after remaining largely unchanged for the past 20 years, ...

By: Brandon Hall