Build lower body power by developing your calves, leg muscles that can help you run faster, jump higher and overall be more explosive. Learn workouts and key exercises from pro and college athletes, as well as the principles behind training calves that can help you develop game-breaking speed.

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6 Basic Exercise Science Principles Your Bro's Don't Understand

By now we've all heard of the words "gnar" and "gains" and we incorporate the word "swole" into everything from "Swoldier Nation" and "Swolemate" to...

By: Scott Gunter

Why Calf Raises Are a Waste of Time

Working your calf muscles is typically considered part of a complete lower-body workout. You need to work your calves, because you can't ignore su...

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Calf Exercises That Work

Building strong calves are essential to performing in virtually all athletic endeavors.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many gym-goers tend to...

By: Justin Groce

Help Is on the Way for Plantar Fasciitis

The Hatfield Strap Keith Hatfield, a former athletic trainer in the Kansas City Royals system, has spent 10 years as a certified athletic trainer ...

By: Lee Gordon

How to Stretch Your Calves Before a Workout

Calf stretches are one of the most important stretches you can perform before walking, running or sprinting. Your foot is the first body part to a...

By: Raymond Tucker