Build lower body power by developing your calves, leg muscles that can help you run faster, jump higher and overall be more explosive. Learn workouts and key exercises from pro and college athletes, as well as the principles behind training calves that can help you develop game-breaking speed.

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Lower-Body Prehab With NFL RB Ryan Mathews

For Lower-Body Prehab, San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews performs an Adductor Stretch, Standing Calf Raises and Single-Leg, Three-Way Balance Reach with coaching by corrective exercise specialist Scott Mitchell.

NFL Strongman Training With Andy Alleman: Reverse Sled Pull

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Andy Alleman performs the Reverse Sled Pull as part of his off-season Strongman circuit training with coaching by Dave Morgan, president of Enhanced Fitness and Performance.

David Oliver Accelerated Dumbbell Step-Up

U.S. Olympic 110m hurdler and 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist David Oliver performs accelerated dumbbell step-ups with U.S. Olympic Strength Coach Randy Hadley.

Jackie Edwards Power Clean

Bahamian Olympic long jumper Jackie Edwards performs the power clean with Olympic strength coach Randy Hadley.