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Donkey Milk Is Being Hailed as the Next Big Superfood. Here's Why

Milk has been a hot topic in nutrition for the past few years. For one, some evidence suggests that full-fat milk might actually be better for you ...

By: Brandon Hall

What is Casein Protein?

Having the many options of various protein supplements can sometimes leave us lacking an understanding for the characteristics of a particular protein....

By: Michael Roddey

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein. If you've ever stepped foot in a weight room, odds are you've heard those two words. Whey protein is super popular with anyone looking to...

By: Brandon Hall

Choosing Good Pre-Workout Meals

As an athlete, you make the right decisions for your performance by heading to the gym for daily workout sessions, so don't make a wrong one by negl...

By: Skyword

Ask the Experts: What's the Difference Between Whey and Casein Protein?

Q:  What is the difference between whey and casein protein? A: The two types of protein for athletes are whey and casein, and although they ar...

By: Andy Haley

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Jose Antonio on Types of Protein Supplements

Jose Antonio, former NSCA vice president and ISSN CEO, explains different protein supplements.