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NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is more than just a game-breaker on the outside. He's a master self-promoter that has built his name into a recognizable brand. Stay updated on Ocho's antics and learn how he develops the pure speed that has allowed him to enjoy a long career in pro football on

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Chad Johnson Says Browns WR Corey Coleman Would Beat Him In Foot Race

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson knows he couldn't outrun Cleveland Browns rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman in a foot race. On Friday, someo...

By: Cameron Fields

WATCH: Chad Ochocinco, 'Still On The McDonald's Sh*t,' Offers The Worst Nutrition Advice Ever

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson has never been afraid to speak his mind. The six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver did exactly that on Twitter earlier today...

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Chad Ochocinco Crashed a Florida Frathouse and Won 19 Straight Games of 'FIFA '16'

In case you haven't heard, Chad Ochocinco is really good at the FIFA video game. The retired NFL wide receiver has been on top of the virtual soc...

By: Rob Scott

Chad Johnson Calls Himself 'The Best Route Runner' Ever, Posts Videos on Instagram to Prove It

Over his decorated 12-year NFL career, Chad Johnson diced up nearly every defensive back that had the misfortune of lining up across from him. Th...

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Chad Ochocinco Chided for Acting Like a Fan

After New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady passed for 517 yards in his team's Week One win against the Miami Dolphins, new Pats wide receive...

By: SkywordNews