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Try This Simple Workout Hack to Add Strength

Most people think there is only one way to place weight on a barbell but if you apply this workout hack you might find that there are two ways to add...

By: Roger Lockridge

Build Your Chest Without the Bench Press

When athletes attempt to build a bigger and stronger chest, the Bench Press is the first exercise they typically flock to. It's extremely effective, c...

By: Christie Carlson

4 Pieces of Workout Gear That Will Make Your Training More Effective

There are certain accessories you use while you play your favorite sports or work at your job. So it should make sense that you need workout gear while...

By: Roger Lockridge

5 Pieces of Workout Equipment We Wish Were in Every Gym

Not all gyms are created equal. Sure, most have the standard staples—barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and cardio machines. However, some tremend...

By: Brandon Hall

Use Band Push-Ups to Build Chest Strength and Protect Your Shoulders

The Lost Art of the Push Up - Band Pushups The push up is one of the most foundational movement patterns for any athlete. Many times, the push up is...

By: John Rusin

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Carmelo Anthony Ankle Band Standing Row With Chains

All-Star baller Carmelo Anthony uses an Ankle Band Standing Row With Chains with coaching by Steve Hess.

University of Tennessee Football Clean Pull with Chains

The University of Tennessee football team performs Clean Pull with Chains with coaching by head strength and conditioning coach Johnny Long.

Jon Conway Box Squat with Chains

New York Red Bulls goalkeeper, Jon Conway, performs the box squat with chains with coaching from Mark Williams.

LSU Bench Press Chain Adaptation

LSU Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Moffitt discusses the benefits of adding chains to the bar while bench pressing