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5 Core Exercises for Advanced Athletes

Core training is one of the most popular terms you will hear thrown around by coaches and athletes, yet many do not fully understand the actual function...

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This Revolutionary Exercise Is Helping NFL Players Improve Their Bench Press Strength

The head-off chest press has recently become one of my favorite chest pressing protocols for improving horizontal pressing mechanics. Other coaches...

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2 Bench Press Variations That are Safe for Baseball Players

If there is one question overheard in the gym many times, it is, "how much do you bench, bro?" While bench press allows for people to press the most...

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How to Perform Back Extensions Correctly to Improve Sports Performance and Prevent Back Injuries

A strong posterior chain is a must in athletics and should be a focus of the everyday gym goer as well. Building a strong posterior will improve overall...

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How the Serape Effect Can Increase Throwing Velocity

The serape effect refers to the stretch of musculature on our body that criss crosses diagonally from our shoulders to our hips. It gets the name serape...

By: Erick Avila