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9 Things Every Trail Runner Should Have

A successful trail runner shares the same motto as the Boy Scouts: Be prepared. Running in the wilderness is more complicated than logging miles a...

By: STACK Staff

The Garland Owls Achieve Top-Flight Performance With Proper Pre-Game Fuel

All teams face adversity. But whether it's overcoming a devastating loss, a season-ending injury or a conflict between a player and coach, the ...

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Gatorade Prime Energy Chews Give Usain Bolt 'Real Energy'

Some would argue that Usain Bolt's height plays to his advantage in the 100-meter dash. Standing 6'5", Bolt has longer legs than his competitors,...

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Ask the Experts: Is it OK to Have an Energy Drink Before a Workout?

Q) I need an energy boost before workouts. Should I have an energy drink? A) Let's be honest: energy drinks are certainly tempting. Their energ...

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How Russell Wilson Harnesses Carb Energy

Russell Wilson kept it at 100 in his first NFL season. Some thought Wilson was too vertically challenged to become a starting NFL quarterback, wh...

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