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Carolina Panthers DE Jared Allen Announces Retirement on Horseback

After 12 years in the NFL, Carolina Panthers defensive end (and certified sack-master) Jared Allen announced his retirement Wednesday morning. In a...

By: Brian Sabin

WATCH: LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus Ball Out as a Proud LeBron James Looks On

With an absurdly busy schedule, both during the NBA season and the off-season, LeBron James gets few opportunities to watch his two sons play. Fortu...

By: Jordan Zirm

The One Nutrition Mistake Every Young Athlete Makes

A young athlete's schedule doesn't exactly lend itself to ideal nutrition. Case in point? The long stretch between lunch and dinner. Due to class ...

By: Brandon Hall

Scientists Find Pizza and Chocolate Are the Two Most Addicting Foods

Anyone who's tried to cut down on high-fat foods and sugary snacks knows it's not easy. Now, a new study has shed light on why giving up these ba...

By: Brandon Hall

A New Study Says More Than Half of Your Daily Calories Come from Highly Processed Foods. Here's Why That's a Problem

Although "ancient grains" like quinoa and amaranth are exploding in popularity, a new study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found ...

By: Brandon Hall

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Bob Seebohar on the Pitfalls of Junk Food

Bob Seebohar, U.S. Olympic dietitian, discusses the drawbacks for performance when you eat junk food.