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Klay Thompson's Secrets to Recovering

Klay Thompson may appear to be a quiet guy. The effortless way the Golden State Warriors' guard drains 3-pointers and sinks contested jump shots might...

By: STACK Staff

The Simple Diet Change That Helped Zach Parise Become an NHL All-Star

When Zach Parise first arrived in the NHL in 2005, he was just 21 years old. Like most 21-year-olds, he ate whatever required the least effort. For...

By: Brandon Hall

How Kentucky Basketball Players Stay Healthy During the Season

All off season athletes are put through rigorous training sessions, from lifting big heavy weights to running at high end speeds over and over for long...

By: Robert Harris

Kevin Love Celebrated His First Trip to the NBA Finals By Drinking Chocolate Milk

Kevin Love is an eccentric dude. He's a Game of Thrones historian. He spent a majority of this past off-season rehabbing the torn labrum in his righ...

By: Jordan Zirm

The Best and Worst New Ideas in Concussion Prevention

Two recent studies out of universities give us reason to be excited—but extremely dubious—about the direction of the fight against concussions...

By: Brian Sabin

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Go Behind The Scenes with Klay Thompson and BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the latest BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign featuring Klay Thompson as he goes from making it rain threes on the court to finding the perfect shot on camera.

Sarah Reinertsen's Ironman Nutrition and Recovery Strategy

In the fourth episode of our video series featuring challenged athlete and Ironman Sarah Reinertsen, we explore Sarah's nutrition and recovery strategy that she uses to replenish her body after a grueling training session.

Fueling Up Post-Workout

Learn how to shake up your diet post-workout for optimal recovery.

Karen Freeman on Fun Snack Foods

San Diego Chargers nutrition consultant Karen Freeman shares fun snack food ideas.

Mary Ellen Bingham on Post-Race Nutrition

Registered dietitian Mary Ellen Bingham shares nutrition advice for post-race recovery.