Circuit Training

Circuit training is a form of conditioning that combines resistance training and high-intensity aerobic work designed to target strength building and muscular endurance. STACK offers you a broad range of variations of circuit training needed to get you stronger and faster for your sport. See what the pros and their trainers are doing, plus what the experts are prescribing, by reading our exclusive articles and viewing workout content.

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2 Full-Body Circuit Workouts for Time-Crunched Training

For many athletes, planning quality workouts amidst academic and sports commitments is challenging. Thus, circuit training is an ideal option for sche...

Scorch Fat With a Single Dumbbell

So you are in need of a sweaty, intense and effective workout but all you have to work with is just 1 dumbbell that has been collecting dust for years...

How to Crush Your Entire Body in 10 Minutes Using One Weight Plate

Workouts have a tendency to taper off toward the end. You crush your exercises at the beginning, then everything gets progressively less intense. T...

The 4-Circuit Full-Body Workout That Builds Muscle and Burns Fat

End the confusion of what to do when you get to the gym with this full body workout. I love this workout because every exercise requires you to use...

You vs. The Clock: How Timed Sets Challenge Your Strength and Endurance

How long have your workouts followed the exact same format? You do an exercise for a predetermined number of sets and reps, and then move onto the n...

Latest Videos in Circuit Training

PPT Band Ankle Exercises With Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade peforms a PPT Band Ankle Circuit with coaching by Tim Grover.

Try This Timed Circuit Workout

Try This Timed Circuit Workout

John Wall Resistance Band Upper-Body Circuit

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall performs his Resistance Band Upper-Body Circuit to strengthen his traps, shoulders, arms and back to help him finish strong at the rim against contact.

LaMarr Woodley Hip Circuit

To improve his hip flexor and glute strength, LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh Steelers OLB, performs a Hip Circuit in the off-season at Athetic Republic.

UNC Baseball Med Ball Warm-Up

The UNC Tar Heel Baseball team performs a five-part med ball training circuit to loosen up the joints and get the blood pumping, with coaching by head strength and conditioning coach for Olympic sports, Greg Gatz.