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Try Kneeling Olympic Lifts to Build Explosive Power

Incorporating kneeling olympic lifts such as kneeling cleans and kneeling snatches does wonders for power output, hip drive, and overall explosive...

By: Joel Seedman

Try the Kneeling Band Press for Serious Shoulder Strength

When it comes to upper body exercises, the military press is a legend amongst all potential exercise selections. While sticking with the military press...

By: Travis Hansen

5 Reasons Athletes Should Train With Olympic Lifts

Most athletes have an exercise routine tailored to their particular strength. Cross country runners will spend a lot of time working on stamina and...

By: Gary Moller

Off-Season Workout Program for Basketball Centers

To dominate in the paint, basketball centers must be big, strong and have a high vertical jump. They must also have the endurance to run from hoop to ...

By: John Cissik

4 Ways to Make Olympic Lifts More Effective for Athletes

Olympic lifting is a great way for athletes to improve power and sports performance. Cleans, jerks and snatches are becoming increasingly popular...

By: Jon Reid

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The Rip and Press: Power Training With Dwight Freeney

Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney performs the Rip and Press as part of his NFL off-season strength and power workout. Dwight Freeney's strength coach, William Hicks, provides coaching.

University of Tennessee Football Clean Pull with Chains

The University of Tennessee football team performs Clean Pull with Chains with coaching by head strength and conditioning coach Johnny Long.

Shawn Horcoff Clean Sequence

Shawn Horcoff, Edmonton Oilers all-star center, performs a Clean Sequence as part of his off-season endurance circuit.