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How Athletes Can Use the Log Press to Improve Upper-Body Strength

Despite its many benefits, outside of strongman training programmes, the log press is not a commonly used exercise. If your training facility happens to...

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5 Power Clean Variations That Improve Power and Athleticism

Outside of possibly bench presses and squats, no other exercise seems to reign in popularity in the weight room of sports teams like the Power Clean....

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A 6-Exercise Landmine Workout That Builds Explosive Power

Everybody wants to have explosive muscle. A great way to accomplish that is by using these nifty landmine core exercises. So wait, what does explosive...

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2 Landmine Olympic Lifts That Increase Explosive Power

New gym equipment hits the market daily – some good, some bad. While it is definitely great to add tools to your training toolbox in the form of...

By: Justin Ochoa

How to Build Explosive Power With Kettlebell Swings

Explosiveness is one the keys to a great athlete. Typically, exercises that utilize triple extension are recognized as the gold standard for building...

By: John Papp