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Life After CrossFit: Julie Foucher Discusses Her Recovery From a Career-Ending Injury

Julie Foucher walks across the gym floor ... on her hands. This might seem impressive, but to Foucher, who placed second in the 2012 CrossFit games,...

By: Andy Haley

Should You Train When You're Sick?

It's one thing to hit the gym when you're a little under the weather. It's a totally different thing to try to train when you've got the flu. How do...

By: Brandon Guarneri

What Makes Food Unhealthy?

Q: What are healthy foods versus unhealthy foods? A: Healthy: Lean protein—turkey, skinless chicken, fish Unsaturated fats—olives and ...

By: STACK Staff

How to Boost and Maintain Energy

You might have noticed that LeBron James performed better in the first quarter last season than he did in fourth quarter. The reason might actually ha...

By: STACK Staff

YOU Docs Health: Building Better Muscle

Your body is made up of 650 muscles, and they all play a part in giving you strength, not only to perform well in sports, but also to move your body t...

By: STACK Staff