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Life After CrossFit: Julie Foucher Discusses Her Recovery From a Career-Ending Injury

Julie Foucher walks across the gym floor ... on her hands. This might seem impressive, but to Foucher, who placed second in the 2012 CrossFit games,...

Should You Train When You're Sick?

It's one thing to hit the gym when you're a little under the weather. It's a totally different thing to try to train when you've got the flu. How do...

YOU Docs: Q&A on Preventing Acne Scars

Q: Why can't I just pop a pimple? A: Lots of teens (and most adults, too) have the same urge: pop that date breaker! The problem is that when m...

YOU Docs: Q&A on Preventing Blemishes

Q: What's the best way to prevent blemishes from breaking out in the first place? A: Having a healthy, well-balanced diet is a good start. It's...

YOU Docs: Q&A on Addictions That Make You Look Old

Q: Does alcohol make you look younger? A: No, it doesn't. In fact, alcohol dehydrates the skin and increases the leakiness of capillaries, so m...

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Kay Felder's Journey From Small College to the NBA Champions

Checking in with Cleveland Cavaliers rookie point guard Kay Felder on life in the NBA.

Highlights from the Cleveland Cavaliers' World Championship Parade

Scenes from downtown Cleveland as 1.3 million fans crowded the streets to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers' first NBA Championship in franchise history.

The STACK Rundown // Kyrie Rocks His "Ky-Rispy Kreme" Kicks, Kobe Bryant Goes Hollywood, and Matthew Dellavedova Drops DImes On a Bum Ankle

On this week's episode of the STACK Rundown, we check out Kyrie Irving's slick new kicks and Kobe Bryant's new life in Hollywood.

The Restock Cleveland

NFL Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden teamed up with longtime friends Anthony Ho and Damier David to bring a reputable sneaker store to downtown Cleveland.

Ted Ginn Jr. on Dreaming Big in High School

Miami Dolphins WR Ted Ginn, Jr. reflects on his NFL dreams and aspirations at Glenville High School in Cleveland.