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Are Infrared Lamps the Next Great Breakthrough in Athlete Recovery?

Every athlete knows how heat and cold packs can soothe the pain from injuries or a tough workout, but it appears that simple infrared heat and light can...

By: Gary Moller

WATCH: High School Basketball Player Does Windmill Dunk From the Free Throw Line

JaShaun Smith, a senior at Legacy Charter School in Greenville, South Carolina, recently put on a dunk clinic. The six-foot-five Smith, who has com...

By: Rob Scott

How to Shoot a Basketball for a More Accurate Shot

What's More Important the Make or the Mechanics? All across the country in gyms everywhere there are basketball players shooting basketball trying to...

By: Gawon Hyman

4 Ways to Turn Mental Toughness Into Physical Toughness

"What the mind believes the body achieves." The reality of athletics is that athletes can only "achieve" in sports what they "believe" they can do. ...

By: Chris Stankovich

8 Ways NCAA Recruiting Rules Have Changed And How They'll Affect You

More money, more phone calls, and fancier mail. If you're being recruited to play Division I sports, all of that is coming your way as a result of n...

By: Kesha Christoph