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Is Cold Therapy Effective for Recovery?

Most athletes know that icing after a workout or game can help reduce soreness and injuries. Now, more and more new cold therapy techniques are being...

By: Andrew Meyers

Should Pitchers Ice After Throwing to Prevent Shoulder Injuries?

Old habits die hard. Especially in a sport as rooted in tradition as baseball, some habits go on so long that nobody stops to think if they're right or...

By: Tony Bonvechio

Play Harder With 110% Ice Therapy Compression Gear

Compression gear has repeatedly proven its value to athletes, both before and during activity. Benefits include increased blood flow, reduced lact...

By: Joe Baur

STACKletes Speak Up: How Do You Recover?

Giving your body the TLC it needs after a hard workout or game is essential. Recovery allows your aches and pains to heal, so you can get back to ...

By: Joe Baur

Should You Ice or Heat That Injury?

If you work hard and play hard, you've undoubtedly experienced nagging injuries like sprains and strains. And while rest is always a key ingredient ...

By: Josh Staph

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