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This D-III College Hoops Game Featured the Best End-of-Game Play Execution You'll Ever See

The best basketball play from this past weekend came in a D-III game between the University of Rochester and the University of Chicago. Rochester...

By: Brandon Hall

WATCH: UCLA Gymnast Incorporates Whip and Nae Nae Into Her Floor Routine

Gymnastic floor routines are full of entertaining flips, twists and tumbles, but what happens when the athlete incorporates hip hop dance moves into...

By: Rob Scott

4 Reasons Why Multi-Sport Athletes Are Better and More Attractive to College Coaches

I never hear a collegiate coach say "I hate my multi-sport athletes." It's the opposite, they LOVE THEM! Here's 4 reasons why the multi-sport athlete is...

By: Dr. Rob Bell

Jim Harbaugh is Going to Sleep at a High School Player's House. Here's the NCAA Rule Saying That's OK.

Yes, it's true. Jim Harbaugh says he's going to sleep at the house of Quinn Nordin, arguably the nation's top kicking prospect. And a sleepover by...

By: Kelly MacLean

How to Get Recruited for College Football This Year

Just as a coach prepares a game plan for every opponent, a game plan is needed for an athlete to maximize each month of 2016. The following is a...

By: J.R. Niklos