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The College Lifestyle Benefits of Division III Schools

You can get scholarship help in NCAA Division III—you just can't get it for your sports skills. This division uses no athletic scholarships, but 80...

By: CaptainU

Why a Division II School Might be Your Best Chance for an Athletic Scholarship

You can get an athletic scholarship without going to a huge school. There's help in Division II, where 56 percent of athletes get aid. Don't count on a...

By: CaptainU

How an Injured Athlete Can Still Manage the College Recruiting Process Successfully

Injury is an inherent part of any athletic endeavor and no one understands this better than college coaches. There are many prospects and families who...

By: Tom Kovic

5 Ways Parents Can Improve the College Recruiting Process

The college search for athletes has grown complicated and increasingly competitive, especially during the past 10 years. There are countless components...

By: Tom Kovic

5 Tips for Developing Your Unique Brand as a Prospective Student Athlete

The college search for athletes is an "individual" quest. A winning strategy for one student athlete could be a losing strategy for another. I think we...

By: Tom Kovic