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How to Become a College Walk-On

The college search for athletes has grown complicated and increasingly competitive, especially during the past 10 years. There are countless components...

By: Tom Kovic

Tennis Recruiting: Official vs. Unofficial Visits

Fall signifies the beginning of a new school year to many. For high school seniors interested in playing college tennis, this also begins the season of...

By: Marcia Frost

Learn the Recruiting Rules for NCAA Division III Athletics

The NCAA includes over 444 schools, and more than 170,000 student-athletes fall under the Division III umbrella. As a high school athlete, you nee...

By: Steve Green

Official College Visits

Official visits are not meant to be mullet-style trips—business in the front, party in the back. They are opportunities for coaches to sell you on t...

By: Matt Siracusa

NCAA Initial Eligibility Center

Sports may be number one in your mind, but there's a reason student comes before athlete in student-athlete. If you don't give academics top priority ...

By: Zac Clark