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Q: How Does Appalachian State Compete With Elite FBS Programs? A: Grueling Workouts

Almost a decade ago, on the opening weekend of the 2007 college football season, in one of the greatest upsets in college football history, Appalac...

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7 Signs It's Time to Break Up With Your Workout Partner

Having a reliable workout partner can be a great thing. You push each other and ultimately make more progress in your training than you would have b...

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Can You Survive These 4 Crazy Plate Push Finishers?

Finding new, creative and safe ways to increase your competitive level in any strength and conditioning program is crucial to an athlete's success....

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Drills to Make You a Better Point Guard

The best point guards don't necessarily lead their team in points or assists. They're the players with the rare ability to draw the best out of th...

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3 Mental Characteristics of the World's Best Athletes

Some incredible athletes are just born with unsurpassed talent. But many more have to will themselves to greatness. As a sports psychologist, I've o...

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