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Recover From Injuries Faster With Blood Flow Restriction Training

Ever wonder if there is a way to improve strength and muscle size, all while recovering from an injury? Enter blood flow restriction training (BFR)....

By: Dr. Russ Manalastas

5 Useless Rehab Methods Still Widely Used

Athletes always look for the next trick which can get our bodies healed faster and ready to go for every competition. But when there is such a high...

By: Gary Moller

Why You Shouldn't Ice After a Workout

If you step into any pro, college or even high school sports training facility, you'll likely see some exhausted athletes laying in a tub of ice after a...

By: Justin Ochoa

Are Infrared Lamps the Next Great Breakthrough in Athlete Recovery?

Every athlete knows how heat and cold packs can soothe the pain from injuries or a tough workout, but it appears that simple infrared heat and light can...

By: Gary Moller

Holiday Wish List: DonJoy WEBTECH Knee Brace Provides More Support with Less Bulk

Having previously torn my PCL, I've tried a lot of different knee braces. Carbon fiber braces worn by a lot of football players offer the most sup...

By: Andy Haley

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Doug Wisner, McDavid product manager, discusses the benefits and convenience of the McDavid Cross Compression.

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