Concussions have become a serious concern in most of today's impact sports. As technology and research improves, so does the gear and training regarding this serious injury. Protect yourself and see the latest information and product releases about preventing and recovering from concussions.

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New Rules For U.S. Youth Soccer Leagues Aim to Reduce Concussions

One of the hottest topics in sports right now is concussions. As more research is being done, people are finding out how serious a concussion can be...

By: Rob Scott

What Doctors Aren't Telling You About Your Kid's Concussion Recovery

Concussions can be traumatic for young athletes and their parents. It's one of the last things you want your child to have to deal with. But sport...

By: Andy Haley

'Head Health Challenge' Finalists Might Shape the Future of Concussion Prevention

Earlier this month, Under Armour, the NFL and GE announced the seven winners of the second round of their Head Health Challenge. The goal of H...

By: Maddy Lucier

Evan Gattis's Protection-Enhanced Catcher's Helmet

Evan Gattis has never suffered a concussion—as far as he knows. But at least a couple of times per week during the season, a foul ball strikes the A...

By: STACK Staff

Can Neck Strength Reduce Concussions in Women's Soccer?

Girls soccer ranks second only to American football in the number of reported concussions . Many measures have been taken to address and manage brain...

By: Ben Torres

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Concussion Experiences

Chris Nowinski of Sports Legacy Institute describes the concussions he experienced when playing football at Harvard and wrestling in the WWE.

What is a Concussion?

Chris Nowinski and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher provide an overview of concussions and common symptoms experienced by athletes.

Concussion Prevention

Chris Nowinski and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher discuss how proper equipment, playing style and rule changes help prevent concussions in athletes.

Concussion Dangers for All Athletes

Chris Nowinski and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher discuss how athletes participating in non-contact sports or those in younger age groups are affected by concussions.

Long-Term Concussion Effects

Chris Nowinski and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher talk about how concussions may have a lasting effect on the brain if not properly treated.