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The 100-Year-Old Concussion Protection Technique That's Making a Comeback

There's no silver bullet for detecting concussions, nevermind preventing them. Researchers have developed advanced technologies and concussion ...

By: Andy Haley

Bo Jackson 'Would Have Never Played Football' Had He Known About CTE

Imagine if Bo Jackson hadn't played football. He wouldn't have won the 1985 Heisman Trophy. He wouldn't have been the first overall pick in ...

By: Brandon Hall

James Harrison Explains Why He'll Let His Kids Play Tackle Football

James Harrison loves football. Heck, the man is still playing linebacker in the NFL at 38 years old. But just like any parent who's learned ...

By: Brandon Hall

Study Reveals a Shocking Increase in Concussion Rates

A recent study found that concussions in children and young adults younger than 22 years old rose by 500 percent between 2000 to 2014. Yes, you read...

By: Andy Haley

Play It Safe With the 5 Pillars of Heads Up Football

An old-school ball coach would never have imagined a day when a group of youth football players would change the landscape of the sport. That's...

By: Zac Clark