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How to Indulge in Dessert Without Ruining Your Diet and Undermining Your Performance

healthy ice cream sandwich Treat yourself! Of course I tell all of my clients to do just that. Because, frankly, I do it too. But here's the deal, you...

By: Sara Haas

7 Horrible Snacks For Athletes and What They Do to Your Body

Even if you're eating well-balanced meals, it's surprisingly easy to set yourself back with high-fat or sugary snacks. Snack time is when many America...

By: Brandon Hall

Female Powerlifter Pukes While Maxing Out on Deadlift, Completes the Rep Anyway

About a week ago, a female powerlifter who goes by the name of "blondebeautybri" on Instagram competed in the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships. ...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Kill Your Sweet Tooth in 4 Easy Steps

A strong sweet tooth can be a curse. You constantly crave sweets, and even when you're trying to cut back, it's impossible to resist a cookie, a piece...

By: Andy Haley

Just a Spoonful a Day of These 5 Foods Can Boost Your Health

When it comes to food, the old saying that "good things come in small packages" really does ring true—as long as you pick the right options. As mu...

By: Brandon Hall

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Fueling During the Holidays

Nutrition consultant Leslie Bonci discusses what foods to pick and what to pass during the holidays.