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How to Build the Perfect Swim Workout

So you're looking to get a little more serious about training in the pool, or you are looking for some more structure for your time in the water. Here...

By: Olivier Poirier-Leroy

Loosen Up Your Hips With This Simple Stretch

Today's Edge: We sit more than ever and our hips suck because of it. It's important to expose your hips to different and full ranges of motion to keep...

By: Tim DiFrancesco

Solidify Strength Gains With This 3-Minute Cooldown Routine

Gains are not made in the gym. Gains are made hours after the gym, when your body is in recovery mode, refueled, and rested for optimal adaptation. So...

By: PJ Nestler

This 15-Minute Recovery Workout Will Help Your Body Heal Faster

Recovery is increasingly becoming a hot topic in the fitness community. For decades, lifters have been going to the gym straight from work or school,...

By: Brian Carlson

Why You Should Finish a Workout With This 3-Exercise Routine

The cooldown is probably the most underrated part of a workout. You crush your tough session with full intensity and effort, then do a five-minute s...

By: Andy Haley

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Colby Lewis' Post-Game Band Exercise

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Colby Lewis demonstrates a band routine he performs after each throwing session.

Tim Beckham Post-Workout Static Stretch

To conclude an on-field workout session, former #1 overall pick Tim Beckham cools down with a Post-Workout Static Stretch with instruction from Tripp Smith of Competitive Edge Sports.

Utah Jazz Static Stretching

Utah Jazz stars Kosta Koufos and Morris Almond cool down after their workout while strength and conditioning coach Mark McKown explains the importance of static stretching after training, as opposed to before working out.

Duke Men's Soccer Straddle Stretch Variations

Duke men's soccer uses Straddle Stretch Variations with coaching from strength and speed coordinator Jeff Howser.

Duke Men's Soccer Cool Down

The Blue Devils perform a Cool Down routine after every practice with coaching from speed coordinator Jeff Howser.